Colleton Medical Center ranked 1st in South Carolina for inclusivity and community benefit on the Lown Institute’s annual hospital index. The index is the first to define clear, measurable standards for hospital social responsibility.

While most rankings measure just patient outcomes, the Lown Index considers the full breadth of what hospitals do as care providers, employers, and community partners. By setting these benchmarks, the Lown Institute shines a light on hospitals like Colleton Medical Center that provides exceptional, high-value patient care to all who need it in their community.

This award is a testament to the compassionate care our team provides on a daily bases”, said Jimmy Hiott, Colleton Medical Center CEO. “We believe everyone should have access to quality healthcare, which is why Colleton Medical Center provided over $13M in charity care in 2022.”

“Citizens put their lives and billions of tax dollars in the hands of America’s hospitals,” said Vikas Saini, MD, president of the Lown Institute. “We believe communities should have high expectations and the most socially responsible institutions should be lifted up as models for the system.”