Honored by Newsweek and the Leapfrog group for being one of the best maternity hospitals in the state for 2021, Colleton Medical Center recently debuted their newly renovated set of Labor and Delivery birthing suites.

The new rooms are geared toward making moms and families comfortable and are designed to lower the risk of complications for both mom and baby. “The rooms create a soothing environment with colors and features that recreate a home like atmosphere,” says Patricia Crosby, Director of Women’s Services. “The first hours are so important. The new design allows for mom and baby to stay together. The nursing staff can to attend to the health of the newborn, making sure they get all checked out and see to mom’s needs immediately following labor,” adds Crosby.

There are six new renovated rooms all with a private bath, pull out sofa bed, flat screen TVs and controlled lighting. There is also one newly renovated outpatient testing room. Each room is equipped with a modern fetal monitoring system called Centricity Perinatal, or CPN. This is a safety device for mothers in labor that gives a view of the baby’s heart tracing and of the mother’s contraction patterns to doctors. It also allows wireless monitoring for mothers who want to move freely during labor. The hospital also has a state-of the-art Infant Security System and updated security cameras.

“In 2020, we had 341 babies born in our hospital,” says Crosby. “Each and every birth is different and the needs of the mom and baby can change with the circumstances of each delivery. We continue to make improvements to best serve our new moms and their little ones during their stay with us.”

Colleton Medical Center also gives a “celebration meal” to the birth mother and her partner, to help them welcome their baby. The hospital also has a certified lactation counselor and certified Lamaze educators on staff, along with prenatal and birthing services. For more information, please call (843) 782-2525, or to learn more about Colleton Medical Center’s new labor and delivery suites, visit Colleton Medical Center.