Colleton Medical Center
December 03, 2021

The South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) recognizes Colleton Medical Center for tremendous efforts to eliminate medical errors as part of the Zero Harm program.

Colleton Medical Center’s Surgical Services Department won awards for colon surgery and abdominal hysterectomy and the Critical Care Unit (ICU) was recognized for zero CLABSI (central line-associated bloodstream infection).  These awards are indicative of a culture committed to patient safety and providing highly reliable care.

“We are tremendously proud of our team’s commitment to eliminating harm and providing the highest quality of care and patient safety possible,” said Dr. Lawrence Conley, Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Colleton Medical Center. “These Zero Harm Awards are proof that we continue to live by our mission statement- Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human lives.”

“The Zero Harm program is a prime example of a successful partnership between the public and private sector that improves the quality of life in South Carolina,” says Karen Reynolds, Executive Director of Innovation at SCHA. “As medical errors and other types of harm continue to be a major concern across the country, South Carolina has developed a blueprint for reducing avoidable harm in our healthcare facilities that other states can follow.”

Colleton Medical Center is among 58 hospitals recognized with Zero Harm Awards in 2021. All hospital data used for these awards is independently verified by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.