Colleton Medical Center
September 06, 2022

Colleton Medical Center shines a light on suicide prevention by lighting the hospital teal and purple for Suicide Prevention Month.

Studies show suicide is higher among people who have experienced violence, including child abuse, bullying, sexual violence, depression, anxiety, and other emotional or financial stresses. “We know who in our circles we should be checking on more frequently and there are ways to protect our loved ones. First and foremost it is support from family and community, feeling connected, and having access to in-person or virtual counseling or therapy can help with suicidal thoughts and behavior,” said Dr. Charles Shissias, Psychiatry Medical Director at Colleton Medical Center.

Colleton Medical Center has people who can help 24/7. Call (843) 782-2000 or call or text 988 for suicide and crisis counseling. “If you're concerned about someone, trust your instincts and consider it an emergency,” Dr. Shissias advises. “When you take action, the worst case scenario is that people go to the ER and they're okay and referred for outpatient care,” he points out. “But the best case scenario is you save a life.”