Colleton Medical Center
October 04, 2022

Colleton Medical Center is pleased to welcome Ms. Janet LaBarge as the Director of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Prior to joining Colleton Medical Center, LaBarge worked her way through the ICU ranks at the Highland Hospital in Rochester, New York. LaBarge began her career at Highland as an ICU charge nurse in 2000 before quickly advancing to assistant nurse manager, nurse manager, and senior nurse manager overseeing both the ICU and central nursing resources for the University of Rochester Highland facility.

“Janet is well known for her compassion when caring for critical patients and their loved ones,” said Missy Feather, Colleton Medical Center’s Chief Nursing Officer. “Her servant heart and superior management skills make Janet the perfect fit for Team Colleton. We look forward to celebrating her many contributions to Colleton Medical Center.”

LaBarge is a three-time recipient of Highland Hospital’s annual Nurse Excellence Award. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Keuka College and a Master of Science in Health Care Organizational Management and Leadership from the University of Rochester. When she’s not caring for our most critical patients LaBarge enjoys traveling, golf, hiking, and spending time with family.