Labor and delivery services in Walterboro, South Carolina

To keep our moms as comfortable as possible throughout the labor and delivery experience, our hospital features:

  • Delivery suites that allow you to stay in one room throughout the entire labor, delivery and postpartum process
  • Wireless monitoring to allow freedom of movement during labor
  • Infant security system and cameras to keep mom and baby safe
  • Specialized postpartum unit
  • Access to breast pumps with the option to donate excess breast milk through the Mother's Milk Bank of South Carolina.
  • A celebration meal for mom and birthing partner after welcoming the newest member of your family.

What to bring
A checklist to help you prepare for labor and delivery.

Delivery suites
Colleton Medical Center has six private labor and delivery suites with modern amenities and a team of compassionate caregivers for mom and baby.

Visitors and filming
Guidelines for visitors, phones, photography, and filming.

Natural childbirth
We respect the wishes of those who want to limit medical intervention, while ensuring a safe birth.

Our state-of-the-art fetal monitoring system

Remote fetal surveillance allows nurses and physicians to view the baby’s heart tracing and mom’s contraction patterns. This system creates a single, continuous medical record throughout the pregnancy. With this technology, our physicians have instant, 24-hour access to information about mom and baby’s progress.

Our Labor and Delivery and Nursery Team

Mom and baby have access to an array of specialists that are equipped to provide for women's healthcare needs the moment they're needed. Our patients have access to:

  • Anesthesiologists available 24 hours a day
  • Certified lactation counselors
  • Certified Lamaze and childbirth educators
  • Experienced pediatric staff who specialize in the care of children and newborns
  • Personnel certified in neonatal resuscitation at every delivery

For more information about our labor and delivery services, please contact us at (843) 782-2372.

What to bring

Mom's bag

Comfortable clothing – with front closures if you're planning to breastfeed

  • Nightgowns
  • Robe and slippers
  • Nursing bras
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Headbands or barrettes
  • Maternity clothes and flats (to go home in)

Preferred toiletries

Colleton Medical Center will provide soap, toothpaste and shampoo. Mother’s should bring all other items and preferred brands.

Personal items

  • Contact lenses and/or glasses
  • Favorite pillow
  • Book
  • Tablet

Baby's bag

Make sure the baby’s clothing is weather-appropriate and pre-washed. A baby blanket, hat and socks should also be packed.

Support person's bag

  • Toiletries
  • Contact lenses and glasses, if you need them
  • Camera
  • Watch – With a second hand, for timing contractions
  • Tennis balls – For back massages
  • Cash – A small amount for meals, including coins for vending machines
  • List of numbers – People you want to call with baby news
  • Reading materials – Magazines, books, tablet, etc.
  • Snacks – Something to munch on for you and hard candy for mom during labor

Visitors and filming

Visitor guidelines

Labor and Delivery patients may have one visitor during delivery and two visitors (age 18 or older) during normal visitation hours.

Filming and photography

We do our best to accommodate filming or photography during birth. The below guidelines help to ensure safety and privacy for all patients.

  1. Mothers should discuss their desire to film with healthcare providers during prenatal visits.
  2. Handheld cameras only. No electrical cords or tripods.
  3. Filming is not permitted during exams, the birthing process, Caesarean section deliveries or any other direct patient care procedure.
  4. If complications arise, you may be instructed to stop filming.
  5. Third-party photographers and stand-alone lights are not allowed.
  6. The person operating the camera must be stationary at the head of the bed.
  7. Filming in the recovery room is only permitted if approved by a nurse.

Natural childbirth

We are respectful of moms who wish to have as natural a birth process as possible. It’s your option to refuse any intervention unless it’s medically necessary for either your health or your baby's.

Natural birth tools

Our staff will support the mother’s wishes and intentions at every step.

We provide everything you need for a successful natural delivery, including, birthing balls and bars.

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