Children's hospital care in Walterboro, SC

At Colleton Medical Center, providing high quality care in a safe, secure and comforting environment for the community’s youngest patients is a top priority. The hospital offers pediatric rooms that are child-friendly, adding touches such as fluffy clouds painted on walls and modified diet selections that children will enjoy.

Our pediatricians believe that a family-centered approach to treating children can make all the difference. You can be assured that our pediatricians will do everything they can to get your child healthy and back home as quickly as possible.

Pediatric ER services

Beginning in the ER and throughout the facility, the focus on pediatric care is at the same level as hospitals in larger cities. More than 25 percent of the patients who access Colleton Medical Center’s emergency room are children. Sensitivity training for our ER staff, the addition of pediatric-focused technology and the pediatric hospitalist program allow us to provide our young patients with the highest level of emergency care in the region.

Because our hospital is located off a major interstate, you can take comfort in knowing the closest emergency room specializing in pediatric care is never far away.

Using new technologies to increase pediatric care standards

Our pediatric ER uses a new way to keep track of your child’s health called the Artemis or eBroselow system. Through this system of color-coded arm bands that correspond to the child’s weight/height, physicians and nurses are provided with computerized information that tells them how to mix medications and perform resuscitation measures more accurately based on the child’s size. The color-coded arm band system allows our nurses and hospitalists to respond quicker and administer a more accurate treatment if your child’s condition worsens. The hospital provides the eBroselow bands and measuring tools to our local Fire and Rescue partners so that the system is put in place as soon as the child is picked up by ambulance.