Colleton Medical Center’s outpatient physical therapy department offers a comprehensive array of services for adult, pediatric, adolescent, and geriatric patients. The services are focused on physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and sports medicine.

Colleton’s physical therapists specialize in work related injuries, general conditioning, wound care, stroke rehabilitation, developmental delays, balance deficiency, as well as Parkinson’s related physical therapy needs. Our highly trained physical therapy staff at Colleton also caters to injured athletes.

Our dedicated staff of occupational therapists provides care for work related injuries with a focus on hands and upper extremities.

The speech therapy specialists at Colleton Medical Center are equipped to provide care for both adults and children. The program provides therapy involving assorted technology to improve communication. Typical patients require therapy related to language delay, voice restoration, and dysphasia.

Colleton Medical Center also has the additional benefit of services provided through Black and Blue Sports Clinic. The clinic provides industry consulting, neurological therapy, and splinting, as well as therapy to reduce the decline of daily living activities.